Big Head has one Mission every day:  To keep watch over our customers websites.


Every hosting server at Big Head Web Host is custom built by hand and is managed in-person by our security analyst team in Chicago.  Every security decision is made by our own Smart Alertz security team who monitors for both performance and security breaches on your site.  Whatever your business website requires, we will provide a tailored hosting and security solution.

Each server has a security advanced firewall, e-mail anti-virus and anti-spam systems, database optimization, and more.  We use a custom blend of Realtime Blocklists (RBLS), SpamAssassin, ClamAV Anti-Virus and SMTP-level hardening to maximize performance and security.

With the daily threats of website hacking, you’ll unparalleled peace of mind when choosing added website security with our website security monitoring division – SMART ALERTZ.  With SMART ALERTZ, your site is scanned every six hours in search of hacker’s injections such as Pharmaceutical Hacks, Drive by Download injections, Defacements / Phishing and Backdoor Injections.  SMART ALERTZ offers round-the-clock full service Hacking Recovery services, too.

Big Head offers seven hosting packages. Our #1 hosting packing is the THE PROTECTOR Hosting and Security Combo. It includes hosting, a SMART ALERTZ private Firewall, quarterly software updates on the website, SMART ALERTZ security monitoring and hacking recovery services.  With Big Head Web Host and SMART ALERTZ working together, you won’t have to worry about your website when you’re PRO-ACTIVE – only $30/month.   REGISTER NOW.

Hosting Packages

Big Head makes it simple to choose with six robust hosting packages that launch business websites, email, landing pages and mobile sites. Our most popular package is THE PROTECTOR Combo – Hosting + Security.

Smart Alertz™

While there is no absolute guard against hackers, keeping constant watch on performance issues is the first defense for a safer website.  Smart Alertz Firewall, Monitoring and Hacking Recovery Services protects and guards your website 24/7.

SSL Certificates

Adding an SSL Certifcate to your website is a must for eCommerce, but it also lends credibility to your site and business. An SSL Certficate says, “I can Trust this business.” Big Head will install and update annually for you.

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Stay up-to-date on hot topics that may affect your website like the perils of hacking, cyber breaches, SERBs, ransomware and website security.

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Need a helpful reply? Big Head’s managed hosting ensures you have 24/7 support.  Submit a support ticket any time for assistance.

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