How To: Software Backups
By Development Staff June 1, 2015

Software Backups

This How To post is designed to help you understand how to safely create a backup of your website software through your hosting control panel.

Ready to get started?

Step 1 – Log in to your Hosting Account

This one is pretty simple. Just need your hosting login information…



Step 2 – Find your File Manager

Once logged in, you are looking for the File Manager. Usually this is found right near the top of the site. Click on the link and your File Manager will open up for you.


Make sure when you open the File Manager you are going to the right folder on your account. For this example, we will be choosing the “www” folder, which is part of the “public_html” folder, where your website files will live.



Step 3 – Select the Files to Backup

Generally speaking, you are safe to simply click the Select All option, but if you only want to get specific files, you can choose those as well. With your cPanel installation, you can use the CTRL button and click method to select specific files. However, if you are about to do an update to your software, go ahead and Select All. This will ensure you have a full backup.



Step 4 – Compress the Files

Once you have selected the files, click on the Compress button to create your backup. You will be given a few options for compression type. Unless you have a reason other than, We suggest you just use the .zip format. Change the default backup file name and then click the Compress File(s) button. Once you are done, the system will give you a detailed report of which files were compressed.




Step 5 – Download Your Backup

Once you have completed the file backup, you can simply download the file. Right click on the file name and you should be given a choice to download. If you are simply doing a quick update of software, you may elect to keep the backup right there on the server for easy access if you need to restore from the backup.



All Done!

You have created a backup of your website software. Depending on your website, you may also want to do a backup of your database!

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