Maintaining Your Website
By Development Staff August 9, 2016

Maintaining Your Website, and Why It Matters

Back when the web first began, websites were written in a basic HTML code. Updates and edits to the website were mainly text and image related, and the nature of HTML prevented most hacking from being an issue. However, today, most websites are built on some sort of Content Management System (CMS), which has changed the game a bit in terms of maintaining a website.

Content Management

Websites powered by Content Management have allowed the average user to easily update the content on their websites, without having to know or understand HTML code. This is possible by combining a dynamic programming language (such as PHP or ASP) and a database. The database holds the content, while the programming language pulls together the content from the database with the design and presentation to produce the final HTML code for the website. However, with dynamic programming languages, there are ways for hackers to get in to the site to produce results that are different than intended.

As with any software based application, programming languages need to be updated. Between vulnerability holes that are found and the continued progress of making the languages better, there are always going to be updates. We see this everyday with cell phones, computers and even our higher end TVs. Websites are no different. The programming languages need to be kept up to date to ensure that they are working properly and securely.

Who is Responsible for Maintaining?

This is one of the biggest questions we get asked. The ultimate answer is you, the website owner. Just like owning a smart phone, computer or even that high end TV, applying any updates for the software are the responsibility of the owner of the item that needs to be updated. The programming companies will push out the updates and notify the owners, but they do not just apply the updates on behalf of the owner.

With a CMS driven website, there will typically be updates available at a variety of times. Regular updates and growth of the CMS, security patches, and even module or plugin updates… there will always be updates. Most offer a simple method of proceeding with the updates, but even still, it is the owner’s responsibility to do so. If the software is not updated, the system or device is subject to possible intrusion or even failure in general.

How Big Head Can Help

Many of our clients don’t have the time, nor the desire to keep up with the ongoing updates. As a result, to help protect our clients, we offer hosting packages that offer updates to select CMS systems. As a client subscribed to this level of hosting, we will go in on at least a quarterly basis and make updates to the clients website software as they are available.

As an added level of protection, we also offer hosting packages that include firewalls to help prevent intrusion and backups just in case.

We are always looking to make owning a website easier. If we can help you, or you need to upgrade your hosting package to take advantage of these great features, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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