You say, “I’m just a small business.  Why would someone target me?”  Usually, you are not the target. Hackers want to use your website as a vessel to plant malware that allows them to run an operation out of your website.  They could be spamming ads, adding pornography links, or phishing for information from others.  Nearly one-third of cyber attacks target small business websites and systems.

So don’t take it personally.  BE PREPARED.

  1. Make sure your website’s software is current.
  2. Have strong passcodes with letters, numbers and symbols
  3. Add a Smart Alertz monitor to scan your website every six hours looking for hacker’s entry
  4. Add a personal firewall to your website

Being aware of how hackers work can help you set up the right defenses against hackers. So now that you know how they can get in, put the right protocols in place to help keep them out.

An excellent article by American Express, Hackers Gonna Hack: Understanding How Hackers Can Break Into Your System was recently published that discusses how hackers get into secure systems through your computer, WiFi, email and phishing.  Having security around your computer is no different than having security around your website.

PLAN FOR SECURITY.  It’s a must in today’s cyber wars.

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