We’ve moved away from cPanel to a Fully Managed Approach

Looking for cPanel Login? Read on…

In January of 2021, cPanel chose to increase their licensing fees dramatically. Instead of raising our hosting fees as a result, Big Head Web Host made the decision to move towards a more fully managed hosting solution.

We found that over 90% of our clients never logged into their cPanel account, but instead would ask us directly to make any adjustments needed within their hosting. Since the vast majority of our clients preferred our direct help with such changes, it did not make sense to continue with cPanel and increase the overall costs to everyone.

Since that move, we have assisted our hosting clients with any aspect of their hosting needs they may have. The two most common requests are for FTP credentials and DNS management. We certainly can provide FTP credentials upon request, and we have moved our DNS management to our Cloud DNS service providing a far faster response time.

Ultimately, we have found that in moving away from cPanel, we offer an even better solution for our clients, have limited cost increases, and provide a higher level of customer satisfaction across the board! Perhaps we should thank cPanel for making our business better?

If you are needing anything that you would normally find in cPanel for your hosting account, please send us a note from your Client Account or create a Support Ticket here, and we will help you find the solution.

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