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Big Head Web Hosting is always searching for ways to enhance the services we offer to you, our hosting client. As part of this constant upgrading, we are currently in the process of updating our server configurations. This may require us to make a few changes that will impact your hosting account. Most of the updates are designed to provide a better user experience as well as enhanced security for your website. Over the coming days, we will be implementing these changes.

To help ensure that your hosting account continues to operate smoothly and that the updates are seamless, we may need to make changes to the DNS (Domain Name Server) settings for your account. Currently, we either do not have any record of your domain name registrar login, or our records are outdated. We will need to update this information in order to makethe necessary upgrades.

Please provide us with the name of your registrar (where you have your domain name registered) as well as any login credentials to make any needed DNS changes. The only changes we will make, if any, are strictly related to ensuring your website, and if applicable, email, work smoothly during the updates.

If you would prefer to make the DNS updates manually, we can provide you with that information and a time to make the changes. Please note that if you choose to make the changes manually, you will need to execute any required changes as soon as possible to prevent any down time with your hosting.

Please be sure to test your login information to ensure that the information you are providing is valid and up to date. If you would like to temporarily change your login information for this update, by all means feel free to do so. You can change it back once we have completed our updates.

If you are using the email functionality of your hosting account, please note that there may be a change in the mail server if you are connecting via SSL connections. We will send you the proper information prior to the updates so that you are prepared and are able to continue to access your email.

This would also be a great time to update us with a secondary email address (such as a Gmail, Yahoo or other third party email service) for emergency communication. This will allow us to contact you now, or in the future, should your primary email address be unavailable.

During this process, if we have your domain registrar login, you should not experience any down time with your website.

Thank you for your help as we strive to provide you with the very best hosting solution.

Hosting Technical Team
Big Head Web Hosting