WordPress 5.0 Upgrade – What You Should Know Before Upgrading
By Development Staff December 7, 2018

WordPress 5.0 was just released and the most significant update to the software was a new content editor system that is designed to replace the prior content editor. The newer editor was created as a “block” style editor, which is intended to allow for a bit more flexibility in adding content and different element blocks […]

How to: Database Backups
By Development Staff June 1, 2015

Database Backups This How To post is designed to help you understand how to safely create a backup of your website database through your hosting control panel. NOTE: Please use caution while following this How To Tutorial. Follow the steps very carefully as making changes in the database can cause major issues with any associated website if not done correctly! […]

How To: Software Backups
By Development Staff

Learn how to perform software backups from within your hosting control panel.

How To: Upgrade WordPress
By Development Staff

Learn how to update your WordPress based website to help keep your website up to date and secure.