WordPress 5.0 Upgrade – What You Should Know Before Upgrading
By Development Staff December 7, 2018

WordPress 5.0 was just released and the most significant update to the software was a new content editor system that is designed to replace the prior content editor. The newer editor was created as a “block” style editor, which is intended to allow for a bit more flexibility in adding content and different element blocks […]

Moving Your Website to Big Head Web Hosting
By Development Staff August 28, 2018

Just like when you move into a new home, there are always bound to be some differences from one place to the next. With so many hosting options available, our Big Head platforms may be configured slightly differently than where your website is currently hosted. Sometimes that can lead to a few unexpected issues along the way. Most hosting companies just give you the keys to the new home and leave the rest to you to figure out. But here at Big Head, we believe that the functionality and security of the websites we host is very important. As a result, we’ve developed the following roadmap for your move.

Domain names, hosting accounts, websites… oh my!
By Development Staff July 10, 2018

The Core Parts to Any Website There are 3 very common and core parts to any website. While each is needed to make any website actually work, they are still 3 individual parts that need attention. Website Files Hosting Account Domain Name In order to help better understand these, let’s attack them in order. Website […]

What Is GDPR And How Does It Apply To My Business?
By KB May 24, 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR EU 2016/679), which replaces the European Union (EU) Data Protection Directive (known as Directive 95/46/EC), is a European privacy law. The aim of the GDPR is to strengthen data privacy and protection for individuals within the EU, both citizen and non-citizen, as well […]

Understanding Network Connectivity
By Development Staff September 18, 2017

Understanding Network Connectivity (or better said, How the internet connects us) Have you ever had an issue connecting to one website, when you can connect to others with no problem? Perhaps your own website is unavailable to you, while other see it just fine. Chances are you are dealing with a network connectivity issue. And […]

By KB January 9, 2017

“I’m just a small business.  Why would someone target me?” Usually, you are not the target. Hackers want to use your website as a vessel to plant malware that allows them to run an operation out of your website.  They could be spamming ads, adding pornography links, or phishing for information from others.  Nearly one-third of […]

My Site Just Launched… Why is it not yet in Google?
By Development Staff December 12, 2016

One of the most common questions asked right after a website launch is “why is it not listed in Google?” Learn why this may be the case, and steps you can take to remedy that…

Internet Trolls. What the Heck?
By KB November 19, 2016

 When I read the sub-header in Time magazine, it made me cringe.   “They’re turning the web into a cesspool of aggression and violence. What watching them is doing to the rest of us may be even worse.”  Who are they?  Could I be violated someway by their actions? Then, I read on and they are Internet […]

Maintaining Your Website
By Development Staff August 9, 2016

Maintaining Your Website, and Why It Matters Back when the web first began, websites were written in a basic HTML code. Updates and edits to the website were mainly text and image related, and the nature of HTML prevented most hacking from being an issue. However, today, most websites are built on some sort of Content […]

SSL, https, and Why You Should Care
By Development Staff June 7, 2016

SSL and https are related to security and encryption of data on your website, and with security becoming more and more important everyday, it has some significant meaning to you as a website owner. Learn more about how this impacts you and why you should care…