Smart ALERTZ™ Security Protection

ZZ-badge1Site security against malicious acts is an urgent and growing concern. While there is no absolute guard against hackers, keeping constant watch on performance issues is the first defense at a safer website.

With Smart ALERTZ Security, we add a monitoring system to your website that alerts us when hackers have injected malware into your site.  When we receive the alert, we immediately begin cleansing of all the coding within your website so that we can relaunch as soon as possible.

Many times your site will not be down, but if the attack is extensive, you may have experience some downtime. Speed is of utmost importance to our technicians since your website serves as your 24/7 lifeline to your clients.  If your site was also blacklisted by Google, Norton, etc.,  we will have it unlisted.

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Service Includes:


eyeSmart ALERTZ™ Scans Every 6 Hours

By adding a Smart ALERTZ™ Monitor, your website will be scanned every six hours.  Our Techs receive immediate notification of hackers invasions: malware, blacklisting, DNS, WHOIS, SSL Certification, and site changes.  This allows us to respond, review, cleanse and repair quickly.  We monitor for injections such as Pharmaceutical Hacks, Drive by Download injections, Defacements / Phishing and Backdoor Injections.


monitorSmart ALERTZ™ Monitoring

When the Smart ALERTZ™ Monitor receives indication of the possibility of an attack, we are alerted immediately.  We monitor and remediate: obfuscated javaScipt injections, hidden & malicious iFrames, embedded trojans, phishing attempts, cross site scripting (XSS), malicious redirects, backdoors (e.g., C99, R57, Webshells), SPAM, defacement, anomalies, SQL injection, IP cloaking, social engineering attempts, and drive-by-downloads.




sos recoverySmart ALERTZ™ Hacking Recovery

Smart ALERTZ™ Hacking Recovery means that when your site is attacked by a hacker, our  Technicians will target the problems, isolate the injected malware, then cleanse and destroy the implanted code.  And. if your site has been blacklisted by Google, Norton, etc. — we will have your website whitelisted again.


• Malwares steal your site visitors by redirecting them to other sites.

• Malwares make your site less responsive and very slow.

• Malwares steal your bandwidth.

• Malwares can take your site down.

• Google considers hidden links as spam and will remove your site from Google’s index.

• Hackers try to incorporate their code into your web pages and coding for many illegal purposes such as sending spam e-mails to attacking other websites.

• Hackers look for and expose private information stored on your web server such as passwords, client data, etc.