Add SMTP Services to ensure you receive all website emails

In the past, email providers were less strict about validating email senders, allowing for spammers to create fake email accounts and pose as legitimate businesses. Email providers have since begun validating who the source of each email is by checking the IP of the sender against the DNS MX records for the domain. If the sender’s IP is not a match, the email is deleted before it even reaches the spam folder. This is effective against spammers, but not without some unintended consequences. Your website also on occasion creates emails, for example, when the contact form is submitted. In this scenario, these emails will never reach the recipient.

By adjusting the SMTP settings of a website, that is, the settings which control what server and port to send the email through, the email can be “rerouted” through the email sender set via the DNS MX records. To have your SMTP settings adjusted, complete the form below. Your email hosting provider will be able to provide this information.

For more details, see our post on transactional emails.

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